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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Meilleurs Voeux et Bonnes fêtes ! Happy Seasonal Holliday ! Le mot du Président en cette fin d’année… Few words from our CEO… Chaque jour nous développons un peu plus notre activité avec bonheur et plaisir, et c’est grâce à des clients et...
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Breaking news : US TSA fails most tests

TSA fails most tests in latest undercover operation at US airports Source : abc NEWS link to video here In recent undercover tests of multiple airport security checkpoints by the Department of Homeland Security, inspectors said screeners, their equipment or their procedures…

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Corporate Pilot Using Electronic Tablet

e-Learning – 6 advantages

The business world is constantly changing, along with markets and employee dynamics. What was the norm for corporate learning and development nor farther than a decade ago is now obsolete and to some even hilarious – just imagine giving training…

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Butterfly Training at MRO Europe 2017

  Butterfly Training exhibits at MRO Europe 2017 Butterfly Training has expanded its course portfolio to include Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility related training courses. We also recently obtained FAA Safety Team approval for the Suspected Unapproved Parts training…

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After millennials… comes the Z-generation !

The Z-generation is about to arrive in the working world. We analyse their expectations, their hopes, and how employers can adapt. Hyper-connected, with a political conscience and an entrepreneurial spirit, the Z-generation is mature, which has different implications on how…

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What is Augmented Learning ?

Why all the hype surrounding augmented learning? Did you ever break a toy when you were little because you were curious about what’s inside it? I did — more than once — and I was thrilled every time I learned…

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Terrorist plot in Australia

Four arrested in Australia as police thwart terrorist plot to bring down a plane On the 4th August, Australian Police announced that they had arrested two suspected terrorists who had planned to place an Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D.) in their…

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Lithium Battery Update

Lithium Battery Update On Sunday the 30th July the most recent Lithium Battery incident occurred on-board a Sri Lankan airlines A330 travelling from Kochi, India to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Flight attendants noticed smoke coming from a passenger bag in an…

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City Jet Case Study

Butterfly Training and CityJet case study The online training partnership CityJet is delighted to use Butterfly Training for our Flight and Cabin Crew training, the management of our Pilot courses has been fantastic !  Brian Moynihan, Head of Training – CityJet…

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Aeronautics – Digital Transformation in 2017

Aeronautics: digital transformation of the sector in 2017 Source – Blog Soprasteria The Le Bourget fair has just closed its doors and we had the pleasure of participating with CIMPA, our subsidiary PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). This edition has been...
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